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Influence of a natural colorant powder from Syzygium cumini L. (Skeels) on sensory and physicochemical properties during storage of a heat-treated flavored fermented milk
Fabián M. Gaibor, Daliannis Rodríguez, Mario A. García, Alicia Casariego
Fighting moniliasis in Orellana with sensors and PWA for sustainable agriculture
Jessica Urquizo, Mirtha Jiménez, Pedro Aguilar, Wilson Chango
Histopathological effects of Cryptococcus neoformans on liver and kidney in mice
Sara Saad Hussamaldeen Al-Bakir and Dalia Abdalkareem Abdalshaheed

Biological nematicides as an alternative for control of Meloidogyne incognita populations in yellow pitahaya (Sselenicereus megalanthus)
Yadira Vargas, Jimmy Pico, Neiver Manobanda, Angel Garcia, Jessica Sanmiguel

Ameliorative Effect of Cinnamon and Rosemary Oils in Acrylamide–Induced Hepatic Injury in Rats
Hala Elsayed, Ashraf Abd El-Hakim El komy, Elham Abd-El Moneim El-Shewy, Faten Ebrahim Elsayed Abdallah

In silico design of CRISPR/Cas9 guide RNA for the knockout of the phytoene desaturase gene in sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.)
Mao Yupanqui-Celestino , Brayan Lugo , Giselle Jazmin Aguilar-Balabarca......
In vitro evaluation of the inhibitory capacity of three Trichoderma isolates on Ralstonia solanacearum
Jimmy Pico Rosado, Christopher Suárez Palacios, Jessenia Jiménez Cumbicus,
Ernesto Paredes Puga, Gladys Sabando, Liliana Andrade Olalla
Coexistencia de procesos productivos y de conservación en la Amazonía ecuatoriana
Co-existence of productive and conservation processes in the Ecuadorian Amazonia
Maritza Sánchez-Capa; Hilda Fabiola Anguaya Isama
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Anthropometric indicators and their relationship with body fat in obese women.
Yury Rosales-Ricardo, Vinicio Caiza-Ruiz, Sonia Álvarez-Carrión
Description of the primary Loreto-coca river contamination through the measurement of physicochemical parameters
Jose Allauca P, Carlos Lopez P, Jennyfer Daza, Joyce Chamba
Analysis of energy poverty in Andean rural households and design of an efficient cooking solution using biomass
Wladimir A Silva-Castelo , Rafael Córdova-Uvidia , Ángel Ordoñez-Echeverria , Miguel Aquino-Arroba
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