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Ibero-American Journal of Biotechnology and Life Sciences
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Once a manuscript is submitted, it undergoes a prompt evaluation by the Editor-in-Chief and/or the editorial board of the journal. If the manuscript is deemed unsuitable due to reasons such as misalignment with the journal's scope, a swift response will be provided. For manuscripts passing this initial assessment, they proceed to the peer-review process, where reviewers conduct their evaluations.
All manuscripts, including
Reviewers will be selected from internationally recognized researchers and clinicians according to the scope of the article. We also use the Web of Science reviewer search engine for this purpose. Each article is then evaluated by members of the editorial board specializing in the topic and three independent reviewers.

The journal employs a "Double-blind peer review" process, the most common type. Reviewers remain anonymous while having the option to know the identity of the authors of the paper.
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