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ORCID is a non-profit organization that provides researchers with unique digital identification. Editors, funding agencies, publishers, and institutions can use these identifiers to reliably identify individuals, similar to how ISBNs and DOIs identify books and articles. This reduces the risk of confusion with another researcher with the same name. The ORCID website provides researchers with a page where they can record their comprehensive research activities.

What is the procedure for obtaining an ORCID iD?
- The registration process is free at orcid.org/register. It requires less than a minute to complete.
- You can register once and use your ORCID ID for life.
When you register, you will receive an ORCID record to control the content and who will see it.

How can I use my ORCID ID to become an author?
- You may include your ORCID IDID in our manuscript submission systems. You can also register for an ID during the submission process if you prefer.
The ORCID ID will be displayed in the published paper.
- It is easier to draw attention to your work when you share your ORCID record. This measure will aid in enhancing the visibility of your research and foster collaboration within the research community.

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